My name is Kevin Bowley. I have been doing gardening/general maintenance for 30 plus years now. I first got into gardening maintenance when I got my first gardening job at Seale Rose Gardens when I was 17 years old. It was there I started to learn the basics of gardening. I soon got my first self employed job when a co-worker asked if I’d like to work for a friend of theirs doing garden maintenance on the weekends. From then on I started to get more and more clients to work for from word of mouth.


At 22 years old, while still doing various garden work. I got a job learning carpentry and joinery. It was then I started to learn everything about the carpentry trade. After learning as much as I could from carpentry I decided to quit and take on garden maintenance full time as I was getting more and more clients to work for. From then on I worked on building up my clientele, many of whom I still work for today.


Over the years while doing garden maintenance I have also managed to pick up many other trades (Patios, fencing, painting and decorating, etc.) and through all of this I have built up many skills which enable me to achieve almost any kind of work a client asks for.


I love what I do with a real passion and take great pride in my work. I feel as though I am very loyal to my clientele. (Hence why I’ve continued working for many of them for years) I work hard to ensure that any job I do is done to the highest possible standard. On top of that I will always make sure that the price I charge will always be much cheaper then anyone else.